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Click the picture to see the movie...
I am working on getting
everything scanned and edited.
More home movies
will also be coming soon,
Check back soon for those updates...

This background is made using
'the woobie'.
Scott has it on in the picture above,
It is the only picture (video)
I have with him wearing it.

During my many hospital stays,
I always had to have 'the woobie',
because it smelled like him,
and could go with me into tests,
where they sometimes
wouldn't let him go.
It kept me safe when he was not able
to be there. He would try to keep it in
the best repair, (it has many patches).
He would sometimes joke with me
that I shouldn't wear that thing out,
even to the hospital,
because people would
think I was homeless.

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Thanks to FontsNThings for the font Misfit